Conflict Monitor Tester: Effective Tools for Traffic Signal Testing

January 1, 2024

ATSI Conflict Monitor Tester

The ATSI PCMT-8000 is an effective conflict monitor tester that helps traffic system maintenance agencies test and verify the performance of their traffic signals. This product is used in over 1,000 cities, counties and state DOTs. It can be a crucial tool in limiting tort liability claims against public entities that are sued after accidents occur at signalized intersections.


ATSI (Athens Technical Specialists) makes some of the best testing and monitoring equipment on the market. Their PCMT-8000 is an effective conflict monitor tester that allows you to verify that your signal systems are functioning properly. This is a crucial tool for traffic maintenance agencies and can help you avoid post-accident litigation by proving that your system was working correctly during the time frame in question.

The PCMT-8000 is a fully automated tester capable of testing NEMA TS1 and TS2 conflict monitor units. It has built-in Port1/SDLC and flashing yellow arrow testing capabilities and can be controlled from a computer running Windows. It uses fewer harnesses and cables than previous models, and can test both 12 and 16 channel modes in the same test run. It also has a carrying case for field testing. It can be used as a bench-top unit or mounted in a 19” rack mount enclosure. The software is super easy to use.


The ATSI HILT-9000 is an innovative handheld inductive loop tester that eliminates the need for multiple harnesses and cable sets to test different types of conflict monitors. Its user interface features 8 simple buttons and a 16 character by 2 line display for easy test set up, measurement viewing and battery status reading. This new model also offers Port1/SDLC testing and flashing yellow arrow testing, along with the ability to test MMUs in both 12 and 16 channel modes. It comes with a custom carrying case, LF-22 Loop Finder and AEMC 6527 Digital Megohmmeter.

ATSI’s testing and monitoring equipment is used by over 1,000 cities, counties and state DOTs to certify thousands of conflict monitors. Their technology can help traffic signal maintenance agencies streamline their testing and certification processes, resulting in increased productivity.

ATSI TS2 Virtual Cabinet

The TS2 Virtual Cabinet allows traffic signal maintenance teams to test the operation of monitors using a single computer. This powerful tool helps them save time and resources, while improving the efficiency of their operations. It also enables them to better understand their traffic system, making it easier for them to troubleshoot problems and make improvements.

The Virtual Cabinet Model TVC-3500 provides a full emulation of the NEMA TS 2 standard cabinet. It connects to the SDLC port (Port 1) of a controller unit and emulates all the cabinet components, including the MMU and BIU devices. It enables users to change inputs and outputs, as well as simulate detector calls.

With the TS2 Virtual Cabinet, users can choose from several graphical intersection layouts or create their own. They can also use fillable fields, highlight or blackout data for discretion, and add comments to the form. This information can help them make an informed decision about whether or not to purchase and use the product.

ATSI Loop Detector

As a result of different manufacturers developing and marketing inductive loop detector electronics units that use various harness connectors and detection techniques, interoperability problems arose. To eliminate these interoperability problems, NEMA developed and released Section 7. The standard defined functional standards, physical requirements, and environmental considerations for inductive loop detector electronic units.

The ATSI Loop Detector is a great option for business, parking, and gated-home applications in conjunction with an access control system. It works well with any in-ground vehicle loop and is versatile thanks to its multi-voltage capabilities. It also has DOS technology and a variety of configurations for your specific environment and application.

This model includes a permanent presence option, selectable N/O or N/C relay output, and direction logic. The aluminum housing is resistant to corrosion and damage, and the device is surge-immune. It also has fail-safe and fail-secure modes and provides a constant, accurate pulse output even during brief power outages. This makes it ideal for fast-food drive-throughs, residential gates, and other applications.

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