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Al-Islam Brigade Updates


  • 9/9/2013 Kafriyah/Latakia: Video of LI group firing locally made rockets on regime positions in said area. Click to View the Video
  • 9/10/2013 al-Qalamun/Damascus Countryside: Video of LI fighter destroying tank w/ Konkurs missile in said area. Click to View the Video
  • 9/15/2013 al-Qalamun/Damascus Countryside: Video of LI group striking tank w/ Konkurs missile in said area. Click to View the Video


  • 9/2/2013: LI statement on possible American strikes on the regime. The statement asks why after dozens of times the regime has used chemical weapons America is now ready to intervene. Is this because of a sudden change of concious or due to the fact that the mujahideen are so close to achieving victory and possibly rule the country. The statement then says: 1. LI is not waiting on anyone but God and relies only on his support and victory. 2. The strikes may effect some of the trends on the ground, but will not in any instance on our constants (principles/goals) . 3. LI will not accept any scenario which doesn't ensure that all the goals they (LI) fought for are achieved completely. Click to View the statement.
  • 9/2/2013: Second LI statement on possible American strikes on the regime. The statement discusses the conflicting opinions and says those may take in any opinion of the strikes they see fit, as long as they do not stray from the constants of jihad. The statement goes on to criticize the west and those outside Syria for the settlement over Assad's chemical weapons, which they say is motivated by the west's fear of them falling into the hands of revolutionaries. Statement also says the American threat was also intended to buy time as Assad is worn down and western powers are able to install their own agents. Click to View the Statement
  • 9/15/2013 Eastern al-Ghouta/Damascus Countryside: Statement by the operations room of the Ayam al-Qadisiyah campaign, displaying the weapons and munitions confiscated thus far, as well as purported proof of Iraqi, Lebanese, and Iranian fighters alongside the regime. Click to View the Video
  • 9/24/2013 Aleppo: Statement by 11 briagdes, read by Abdel Aziz Salamah, commander of the al-Tawheed brigade, providing a brief explanation of their views on unity and the external opposition. The statement contains four parts:
    • 1. All Signatories call for all civilian and armed groups to unite under a clear Islamic framework, established on shariah, the sole source of legislation;
    • 2. All signatories will only be represented by those who sacrificed in the revolution;
    • 3. All signatories are not represented by, and do not recognize, Syrian exile groups, specifically the SNC and the proposed government w/ Ahmed Touma;
    • 4. All signatories call for all civilian and armed groups to unite in action and speech, to avoid differences, and to give priority to the interests of the Ummah over the interests of the group.
    Signatories to the statement are:
    • Jabhat al-Nusra - Aleppo
    • Islamic Ahrar al-Sham Movement
    • al-Tawheed Brigade
    • al-Islam Brigade
    • Suqour al-Sham Brigades
    • al-Fajr al-Islamiyah Movement
    • al-Nur al-Islamiyah Movement
    • Noureddin al-Zenki Battalions
    • Fastaqim Kama Ummirat Gathering
    • 19th Division
    • al-Ansar Brigade
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News Media

  • 9/14/2013: Video report by al-Ghad TV on the LI Submission to God campaign in al-Qalamun. Says it began at the beginning of September 2013 and involves more than 1,000 fighters. Details the achievements of the campaign, saying they liberated a number of regime battalions and outposts in al-Qalamun belonging to the regime 81st Brigade. Click to View the Statement

Related Media

  • 9/12/2013: Video released by LI featuring leaders of various LI organizations calling on the Islamic ulama (scholarly community) to suport them in their fight against the regime, w/ men, materially, and financially. The message is often strongly worded saying: "Islam rests on the Ulama, justice, and power and weapons. The three pillars to establish an Islamic state, a state of the Ummah (Islamic community)." Also asks viewers where are the followers of a list of conservative, salafi and wahabi religous scholars are in Syria (a call to arms amongst these circles). In addition to a clip of LI commander Zahran Alloush from Ramadan, those featured in the video are:
    • Sheikh Abu Abd al-Rahman Kaakah - President of the LI Shariah Council
    • Sheikh Abu Naaman Dalwan - President of the LI Majlis al-Shura
    • Sheikh Zein al-Abdeen Bin al-Hussein - Shariah Judge (AKA as Muatassim Billah al-Hadi a prominent LI field commander)
    • Sheikh Abu Abd al-Rahman al-Safadi - Head of prepatory religious schools
    • Sheikh Abu al-Nur - Commander Jund al-Tawheed Battalion (LI)
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  • 9/15/2013 Qalamoon/Damascus Countryside: Promo video entitled "Their Homes Will Be Destroyed, Their Souls Will Vanish, They Will Learn Just Retribution. This is the Submission to God Campaign." Video features LI Commander Zahran Alloush introducing the campaign after he lists of the names of regime forces purportedly killed in a regime outpost liberated by LI. Alloush also threatens members of the regime forces, saying "What has happened to them (those killed) will happen to you." Promo also features clips of the fighting from the campaign. Click to View the Video


  • 9/13/2013 al-Atarib/Aleppo: Announcement of the Shuhada al-Atarib Battalion in al-Atarib/Aleppo about joining LI. Click to View the Video
  • 9/21/2013 Deir al-Zor: Announcement of the al-Taqwa Battalion in Deir al-Zor about joining al-Murabiteen Battalions (LI). Click to View the Video
  • 9/22/2013: Announcement of the formation of the Damascus Operations Room by LI Commander Zahran Alloush. The operations room is to be the principle operations room for the fight against the regime in Damascus and the Damascus Countryside, and they call on other groups in the area to join them. They thank the Kuwaiti Support Council for the Syrian Revolution for their human, logistic, and material support. The room includes:
    • al-Islam Brigade
    • al-Furqan Brigades
    • al-Habib al-Mustafa Brigades
    • al-Sahaba Brigades
    • Ahrar al-Sham al-Islamiyah Movement
    • Jeish al-Muslimeen Brigade
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